Far Western Region States
Far Western Region

 Fast Facts


    Geography Today:
    Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington

    First Undergraduate Chapter Chartered:
    Rho (University of California, Berkeley) – August 1, 1921; first AKA chapter west of the Mississippi

    First Graduate Chapter Chartered:
    Alpha Gamma Omega (Los Angeles, CA) – 1927; first graduate chapter west of the Rockies

    Region Highlights

    • Host to 6 biennial meetings of the membership
    • Home of Ida L. Jackson, 8th national president and the only one, to date, from the region

History of the Region

Map of RegionThe Far Western Region of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. consists of chapters in nine states (Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington), which constitute the Sorority's largest geographic region.

The natural beauty of these states run the gamut—from majestic snow-topped mountains and rolling hills, fertile green valleys, scenic vistas, magnificent sea coasts, enchanting painted deserts, exotic tropical islands and frozen natural glaciers to splendid mesas and plateaus, quaint towns, rambling ranches, historic mansions, bustling-cosmopolitan cities and everything in between—with the Pacific Ocean bordering all but four of them.

Phenomenal, exotic and diverse would paint the broadest, yet most defining brushstroke to describe the fantastic Far Western Region. It is known for earthquakes, volcanos and giant redwood trees and home to both the historic Hollywood movie industry and the more recent Silicon Valley technology industry.

Alpha Kappa Alpha members who comprise the Far Western Region are a microcosm of the nation and of the organization at large. The region is fantastic, not only because of its unparalleled natural beauty and cutting-edge ideas and achievements, but because of its phenomenally creative and talented members who are well-noted for their avant-garde spirit and accomplishments.

Link to articleRho Chapter (University of California, Berkeley) – The Region's First Undergraduate Chapter
The Far Western Region's history began with Ida Louise Jackson, who would ultimately become the only member from the region ever elected as president of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

In 1920, Jackson conceived the idea of organizing a chapter on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley for young Black college women. A "club" was formed, and the national Alpha Kappa Alpha office sent Inez Wood Fairfax to organize a chapter in the San Francisco Bay Area. On August 1, 1921, the Far Western Region was established when Rho Chapter was chartered. At its inception, the five chapter members were Virginia Stephens, Ruby Jefferson, Aretha Richardson, Myrtle Price and Ida Louise Jackson, who served as the first president.

Sigma Chapter (University of Southern California)
The following year, in 1922, Sigma Chapter was formed on the campus of the University of Southern California by Marian Garrott Hall. Hall was an Alpha Kappa Alpha graduate member from Fisk University.

Sigma Chapter's initial members were Leola Lewis, Ursula Puritt Murrell, Helen Wheeler Riddle, Corinne Stovall and Naida McCullough, who served as president.

Link to articleAlpha Gamma Chapter (University of California, Los Angeles)
In 1925, Naida McCullough, serving as temporary Far Western regional director, established Alpha Gamma Chapter at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The newly formed chapter members were Hilda Johnson Craddock, Carol Gilmore Johnson, Florence Phillips, Juanita Raybouin and Clothilda Woodard.

The First Graduate Chapters
In 1927, Alpha Kappa Alpha's first graduate chapter west of the Rockies—Alpha Gamma Omega—was chartered in Los Angeles. Charter members were Alice Garrott, Coty Johnson, Edith Jones, Louise Kenner, Leola Lewis, Naida McCullough, Ursula Murrell, Ruth M. Pearson, Vada Sommerville, Neosha Tatum and Minnie Wickliffe.

In 1929, the region's second graduate chapter, Alpha Nu Omega, was chartered in Oakland, CA. Ida Jackson was a charter member and the chapter's first president. In 1931, both Alpha Omicron Omega, in San Francisco, and Alpha Sigma Omega, in Phoenix, were chartered.

Chapter Charterings

Alpha Gamma

Alpha Gamma Omega
Alpha Nu Omega
Alpha Omicron Omega
Alpha Sigma Omega

Beta Theta
Delta Beta Omega
Delta Zeta Omega
Delta Upsilon Omega

Epsilon Xi Omega
Zeta Sigma Omega
Zeta Omega Omega

Eta Epsilon
Eta Gamma Omega
Alpha Nu
Eta Lambda Omega

Eta Nu Omega
Eta Rho Omega
Theta Alpha Omega
Theta Theta Omega

Theta Mu Omega
Epsilon Eta Omega
Zeta Alpha
Eta Lambda
Iota Omicron Omega
Zeta Psi

Eta Sigma
Kappa Beta Omega
Kappa Gamma Omega
Iota Beta
Iota Tau

Kappa Omega Omega
Kappa Sigma
Kappa Theta
Kappa Xi
Lambda Alpha
Lambda Sigma
Lambda Chi Omega
Mu Beta Omega
Mu Iota
Mu Epsilon Omega
Mu Lambda Omega
Mu Kappa
Mu Zeta Omega

Nu Nu
Xi Beta
Xi Gamma Omega
Xi Kappa Omega

Xi Psi Omega
Xi Pi
Xi Upsilon
Pi Sigma Omega

Rho Delta Omega
Rho Upsilon Omega
Sigma Delta Omega
Sigma Lambda Omega
Sigma Pi Omega

Tau Beta Omega
Pi Sigma
Pi Upsilon
Tau Tau Omega
Tau Upsilon Omega

Rho Delta
Rho Epsilon
Upsilon Beta Omega
Sigma Delta
Chi Kappa Omega

Sigma Rho
Psi Nu Omega
Tau Kappa
Tau Lambda

1955 SF BouléFar Western Region – Convention Host
In 1932, with seven active chapters in the Far Western Region, the Alpha Kappa Alpha biennial convention was held in Los Angeles and co-hosted by Sigma and Alpha Gamma Omega Chapters. Ursula Murrell was president of Alpha Gamma Omega Chapter, and Ida Jackson was the regional director.

In 1946, the region hosted the convention for a second time, with 11 chartered chapters and Manila Hudin Smith serving as the regional director.

The region continued to grow as chapter charterings expanded. The chapters also grew in prominence as they personified the AKA theme of "Service to All Mankind" through their many community service projects, from their very inception to the present time.

The region has hosted six biennial conventions over the 100-plus year history of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (Los Angeles 1932, 1946, 1966 and 1988; San Francisco 1955 and 2012).

Photo: Members of Alpha Nu Omega (Oakland, CA) and Delta Zeta Omega (San Francisco, CA) that were part of the joint Planning Committee for the 1955 San Francisco Boulé.